Well, it’s not exactly “wedding season” any more as we now enter September. This post is a little late but considering i start my Teacher training tomorrow, and have a gruelling and busy year ahead-i figured i better post it quick! Though, i really do hope this doesn’t mean i will be forced to end up abandoning my blog for the next 9 months of my course. Oh God.

These are a selection of photos from the wedding i had the courtesy of photographing last month. Of course, these are being posted with the permission of the bride herself and for which i am VERY grateful. I am very particular about the content i post on my blog and am always sceptical about the worthiness of my posts; but this is content i am proud of sharing.

I’d also like to give my sincere thanks to Muna from Muna Ally Photography and Design who also attended the wedding and gave me invaluable support and pointers on capturing great shots (virtual kissies!).  Click on the hyperlink and go check out her beautiful photography please! I am always left in awe of her captures!


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