Sooo, those of you who saw me snapping away at the wedding probably saw this one coming…


Well i went to a Barwani wedding on Friday following the assisting of my aunt in preparing the bride and her bridal posse. It was one hell of a tiring day but i was pretty pleased with my makeup on the clients by the end of it, and here i was thinking i had lost my touch! As always, i watched like an awe-struck puppy whilst my aunt worked her hair magic on the clients. After countless times of watching her create flawless bridal hair-do’s, i still haven’t got even the slightest hang of it. It’s nice to watch though, i suppose :p. And our bride had the longest hair i had ever seen on any of our clients (mashaAllah), the modelling possibilities were endless! Of course, you wont be getting to see the beautiful bride, or her hair, but i would like to share with you some of the discrete shots from the day.

Camera used is a Canon 1000D

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