It’s been so long, i’ve almost forgotten how to navigate my way around WordPress. Oops.

Today’s post is dedicated to rekindling my love for photography; a new camera to play with, alongside an approaching family wedding presented the perfect opportunity for just this. I spent the days prior to the wedding watching youtube videos on the relationship between ISO, Aperture and shutter speed and used the new knowledge to play with the controls and experiment with different captures. I discovered some wondrous things about the camera (Nikon D5300) like the fact that it had in-built filter effects and WiFi connectivity, enabling me to send my photos to different devices (omggg). Anyway, the day of the wedding finally arrived and i made the smart choice to wear flats instead of heels- and boy was i thankful, because i found myself looking for features in the venue, chasing the next best shot and chasing potential models to shoot about 90% of my time.

I wasn’t so disappointed with my shots, i mean- many of them weren’t half bad, but i would have loved to capture more shots with that ‘wow factor’.


TCB-1 TCB2-1 TCB2-1-2 TCB2-1-3 TCB2-1-5 TCB2-1-6 TCB2-1-7 TCB2-1-10 TCB2-1-9