As those that follow me on instagram know, i’ve been taking up the use of watercolours much more seriously as of late (well, i like to think so anyway).

After attempting to paint a retro illustration, and being pleasantly satisfied with the outcome (see below), i got a little carried away and proceeded to paint as many illustrations, as often as i could- which wasn’t reaaally often, but hey, times have been busy.



Accomplishing this was like discovering a skill i never knew i had. Honestly, i was never really that confident with water colours, but proving to myself that i was able had me painting away, like a child who’d just received a new toy and was eager to play with it.

Don’t get me wrong, i still feel like that eager child. My fascination has yet to be gratified- but sadly, due to work, i can’t indulge in art as often as i’d like. Here are some more from my “retro” series.

Untitled-211887974_938938962818984_2887328937859532700_n 11904636_940511019328445_7270376105061558781_n #s


Not aaalll of them were painted.


I also had some fun painting some famous fashion bloggers, and i do intend to paint some more. Can you guess who these are?


(Ignore the watermark, i forgot my own instagram name which is @zibzih not @Zibzihilwa. Fail fail.)

11999078_10153633782978033_8976107914583041608_n 11949276_10153601802263033_641384787654762582_n

And here, i finish off with some shoes :p.

Till next time folks!