FINALLY. I have been slaving over the bucket-load of photos there was to edit for this blog post and Alhamdulilah, it’s now complete. I was privileged enough to witness a beautiful event on the 17th, created and organized by the ISOC girls at Imperial College (mind you, this was the first time i had heard of it despite it apparently having been it’s fifth year running). So, perhaps through this blog post it will gain even more attendees next year, inshaAllah :D.  Smoky Not Smudgy was found in the name of charity (hehe that rhymes) and all earnings made by the event organizers are donated to Islamic Relief. It’s an event which is one of it’s kind, with an array of classes, pampering/ beauty and photography services, a selection of quality stalls with upcoming and established businesses showcasing and selling their unique and beautiful products AND a fabulous fashion show. I did not get around to snapping photos of each and every stall as that would be a nightmare having to edit, but here are some of my favourite shots and likewise for the fashion show. This event is also a great networking opportunity, i had the liberty of meeting other admired bloggers, designers, creative minds and just lovely sisters all around. I’d like to thank you all for making it even more fruitful of an experience :).

My apologies to the designers as i wasn’t able to capture great shots of all designs but nonetheless, endless credits to all the talented designers who put these collections together.

Designers featured in the show:

Afa Bee
Sazamo Bridal
Zayna Couture
Miss Kaan