So it’s been exactly 18 months since my first ever post on here, and pretty much a 1 year ago since my last post on Smoky not Smudgy.  If you want to refresh your memory about this event, you can see last year’s post about it here.  Just to give you a quick recap, it’s an amazing annual charity event organized by some inspirational ISOC [Islamic Society] girls at Imperial College London. I had the privilege of attending this year’s event and it was even more grand, with two fashion shows! I had the pleasure of reuniting with some lovely girls and meeting some for the first time and it was just all in all an inspirational day. Who knows, maybe next year i will have my own stall…If  i am blessed with another year of life inshaAllah. I only got to attend the evening fashion show, showcasing formals and semi-formals. It’s a shame because the afternoon show looked just as amazing too (was too broke to afford both). I missed out on viewing Nasreen Raja’s [of Quite Ethnic]  latest collection! Love love love her shirts.


Regardless, I am far more pleased with my photos of this year’s event than i was with last year’s, and i hope you do enjoy looking through them, even if they end up crashing your computer because there’s so much o_o.

Designers [in order]

  • Strand of Silk
  • Aura Collections
  • Biah Coutoure
  • Islamic Design House
  • Afa Bee
  • Maleka Abayas
  • Rizwan Ahmad

Artwork featured from  

Note: Please credit my blog if you plan on using these photos, thank you.


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