Any time i mentioned the destination i would be travelling to- “Croatia”, people would receive it in bewilderment. Wh-wh-what!? Croatia? What an odd choice! Odd if you consider mainstream holiday destinations the only destinations worth travelling to, yes. However, not odd if you’ve got an explorers heart and want to experience something new…at a budget.

That’s right. Holidays in the summer are ridiculously expensive and i was looking for a cheap but worthwhile alternative. It was suggested to me by my world travelling colleague who gushed about this beautiful country with such a glimmer in his eye that i just had to pursue it.

My husband and I resided in the smaller city of Pula which wasn’t as well-known as the trendy and vibrant city of Dubrovnik. Pula seemed fairly well placed on the map and close to enough to various sights and amenities that we decided to stay, however it was a VERY small city, with a population of 57, 460. This of course, limited the number of things to do and to my dismay, the options of cuisines available.

But lets talk about the great things about the country!

  1. Well, firstly (and not surprisingly) the weather. During the summer, it can hit the 40’s but throughout the rest of the year, its relatively mild.
  2. The people! Despite the obvious stares we received for being the only muslim couple in sight, people were very kind and helpful to us.
  3. It’s also a fairly economical place to be for holiday. One pound is equivalent to 8.10 croation Kunas. Because it isn’t as popular as Dubrovnik, the hotel/airbnb prices are also slightly cheaper.
  4. Pula is an old city which means it retains an interesting historical character to it and makes for great photo opportunities.
  5. There are tourist agencies scattered across the city, making planning/booking excursions easy and convenient.
  6. Expect to see crystal clear waters. The sea there is phenomenal. Not only does it look magical but feels cool to the touch and is so refreshing to dip into during the hot weather.

BUT there are downsides…

  1.     Because it is further out , you’ll find yourself having to take longer bus/coach  journeys to get to popular sites (or catching a boat, which is more costly)
  2.    Expect ALOT of stares. There are hardly any hijabis about and you will be treated as an exotic sighting.
  3.   The food. There’s not much to pick from and i was fairly disappointed. If you’re a meat eater (and only eat halal), prepare to be eating a diet of fish, vegetables, pizza and pasta for the duration of your stay, as we did not spot any halal eateries.


All in all, i feel that Pula is a place only to be travelled to if you have planned  out each of your days ahead, from your method of transport to your destination and your choice of restaurant; but not so great if you like to be spontaneous, like us. At some points, my husband and I felt as though we were just walking in circles trying to locate things. The streets look so alike!

Below are some of my favourite shots from the trip and further down, you will find scanned copies of a neat activities guide handed to us at the tourist agency.

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