Everyone calls themselves a photographer nowadays you know, so i wont even go there. EL-oH-el. Lets just say i ENJOY photographing as an artistic outlet. I even set up a photography page showcasing my work (and trying to lure in customers) a couple of years back, but that was a fail. I just happened to click on the facebook fan page on my phone whilst on a long dreary commute on the train the other day and felt flooded with nostalgia.

Very rarely do i look at photos and have them take me back to a particular place and set of emotions. Sure, i remember the occasion and it may bring a smile to my face but rarely do i feel immersed in nostalgia the way that some of these photos evoke in me. Anyway, another mediocre post…slightly. But if you’d like to peek, by all means do  ^___^. Pictures were all stolen from my dead facebook fan page. Well, not stolen really. I cant exactly steal what’s mine… O.o



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