You all knew this blog post was soon approaching (well, those of you who follow me on instagram and facbeook anyway).  I discovered one stroke painting on my rosey-floral art venture. I felt as though although hand-drawn roses demonstrated my aptness to detail, there was a bigger market for paintings as decorative house displays. At first, i wanted to try my luck at the art mediums i already had at home (watercolour) but that failed miserably. Watercolours are a nightmare when it comes to precision in painting >.>. Then there were the oil paints i had at home- but those needed a thinner and the process of thinning my paint after every second stroke plus the prospect of possibly destroying my brush bristles put me off. I looked around the internet a little and VIOLAAaaa–one stroke painting 🙂 (which required the use of acrylics).  Acrylics are everyone’s pal when it comes to painting, and in my opinion the most user-friendly of paints.

One stroke painting is an age-old painting technique that requires the use of flat brushes and dipping the brush in two shades to give ones painting a two-toned 3D dynamic. I wont go into it because all you need to do is run a simple youtube search and EVERRRYTHANNGG is on there. bbHere are the materials i purchased revved and ready to get painting. Both are from ebay! Can you believe i got 8 of these huge paint tubes for a mere 9.99? The brushes are golden taklon in sizes 1 inch, 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch.  These are the staple flat brush sizes, with these you can rule the worrrlldd (or the canvas, rather).

These are the works i have so far created, 2 of which have been sold and 1 which is still unfinished (you can probably guess which one that is). These will be going up on my facebook shop which you can probably notice plastered at the bottom of one of the images >.<. I have been a bit hesitant about promoting the page as of yet simply because i want to keep the work to take to networking events or exhibit before i actually start shipping orders. Nonetheless, if you’re keen on a purchasing a painting, let me know and its yours (not physically  just yet though :). )

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