I had’nt been abroad for nearing 5 years, so the prospect that i’d finally get to experience it with my family again gave me a source of motivation for this summer. My parents had been raving on about the country for years now and i thought it was about time that us as their children were able to witness this supposedly wondrous place. I admit, i went to Dubai with super high expectations of everything which may explain why things ended up feeling a little mediocre to me. I think my experience there would have been far better if i and my siblings had planned things more efficiently.

Anyway how was Dubai? The people there all seemed very ethnically diverse and it seemed that people tended to keep to their own. I barely saw people my age o.O. Seriously, where were the people my age?! It was a very cosmopolitan place, but i was expecting that anyway. Although it doesn’t say much in terms of it’s individual character, it has alot of perks to offer such as the affordability of the products you can get there, the abundance of beaches, the sunny weather and it’s general low rate of criminality. I must admit, some places felt like street corners in Afghanistan or Pakistan haha! But obviously, the place was much less dangerous than those countries. One thing that i just couldn’t get over was the rate at which time passed there, i mean 24 hours actually FELT like 24 hours and we could always seem to fit so much more into a day than we would ever do in London…but maybe that’s because we weren’t spending half our time connected to the internet o.o…

I didn’t get to take the most breath-taking photos, simply because i didn’t get the opportunity to explore Dubai to it’s full extent(and because i was lazy)but here are the memories that i was able to capture in picture form, and i’m glad :).

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