I’ve been a big fan of the guys at Xawaash (Somali youtube channel) for a long while now; only thing is, i never managed to find the time to try out their countlessly mouthwatering recipes.

This Eid, i decided to finally do it and boy- was it worth it. For those of you who aren’t aware, maamoul is a traditional arabic shortbread/sweet made using a combination of semolina and flour. It’s either filled with dates, pistachios or walnuts and is normally recognised by its distinct pressed patterns formed using traditional maamoul moulds.


(Photo by Xawaash)

Unfortunately, it was a pain finding these anywhere online in time for Eid. The only ones i could manage to find were plastic ones and ew? I want the authentic hand-carved wooden moulds please.

Seeing as i had no moulds to beautify my sweets, i tried my best to mimic the patterns using a fork. These taste absolutely divine and are not too sweet, meaning you run the risk of munching on a little too many!

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A hamper of these would make a wonderful gift; or they can just be enjoyed as an occasional luxury with tea or coffee by the family.

R E C I P E (By Xawaash)

– See more at: http://xawaash.com/?p=8900#sthash.1GgIId7e.dpuf