I never really do written posts like these because I’m often hesitant about how people may take to it, but something in me just made me feel inclined. First of all, I want my devoted readers to know I love every single one of them.
This post is dedicated to the personalities in my life that have enabled me to make a better sense of myself through the not-so-pleasant lessons they had me endure.

I like to think that whatever you give, you receive back in this life- however, this was just my sincere way of thinking and unfortunately, this is not how the universe always works. This world is full of all sorts of people, to whom sincerity could be an alien trait. The world is a big place, and if you have’nt yet, you are bound to experience something of the psychological warfare that prevails in every one of our lives at some point. This is a war we are forced to fight alone and of which we only come out stronger, sometimes inflicted on us by others. There is an exclusive ruthlessness about the human species that distinguishes them from all others in the animal kingdom in that they can not only physically harm you but abuse your psyche.

Throughout the years I’ve come to realise just how psychologically cruel humans can be. It felt like I was this brimming personality with so much love to give to the people who reached out to me, and in my naïveté I gave and gave not knowing these people looked to me as a mere vending machine, almost inhuman. You will encounter people in life who will suck and suck all the goodness you have to give and once done, leave you as nothing but a husk of a person with but a heart tainted with an infestation of bitterness.

I know.


Vultures exist out there and they sometimes wear disguises as the people closest to you. Extremely unpleasant people, and if you haven’t yet encountered them then I pray and hope that you never do- but if you have, know that you are not alone and every single person in passing on the street is going through their own tribulations, very much like you. Know that this is a test from your Lord, know that this life is but a fleeting moment and know that Sabr(patience) is the most loved trait by your Lord.

I’ve certainly taken from this. I treasure every act of thoughtfulness be it from a friend or stranger, because thoughtlessness is something i know all too well from others.

Things we go through in life are all the building blocks for our character and can effect us either in a positive or negative light if we let it. Don’t let the negativity eat away at the beautiful person you are.

Don’t give up on the world, because it’s a dark place that needs your light.