Most Londoners i know always complain about there being no places to go out to. It’s partly true; London can seem bland in comparison to the outdoor activities other countries have to offer. When it comes to choices, the Londoner may feel limited to the typical tourist attractions in Central, the commercial luxuries of Oxford Circus, games and arcade centers or the endless options of eateries on offer. Don’t get me wrong, it can be fun- but it doesnt really satiate the appetite for new experiences. When you take out the time to really probe the internet, you’d be surprised how many hidden gems there are; and if you’ve lived in this city for nearly as long as i have- you’ll feel foolish for having never visited them.

After many years of wanting to visit (but being too lazy to) i visited the affluent and beautiful grounds of Holland Park. Home to the exquisitely crafted Japanese-style Kyoto Garden.  Below are the photos taken from my visit, and yes, there are bold peacocks, squirrels and pigeons who roam around quite fearlessly.

Kyoto Garden, Holland Park.