Don’t mind the accentuated ‘graze’. I felt like doing that to annoy my brother-in-law in case he came across this post on his facebook (he hates the word graze).


I was itching to try these graze boxes for months now, but the fact that it cost £3.99 per box made me reluctant to try it.Yes yes, i realise that they do plenty of offers for free boxes but i thought that there was somehow a catch and i would be bound to their service T^T (that was just me being paranoid).

A month back however, wowcher sent me a deal for 5 graze boxes for £5? Urh hello, that’s less than 80% of the original price, of COURSE i bought it. So, i gleefully went on over to the site and typed in my voucher, at which my offer was activated and i could pick what kind of box i wanted for that week, and on what day.

Before all this, I had’nt actually realised that this offer meant i would receive a box weekly. Like a glutton, I wanted all 5 of my boxes in one delivery.

However, that’s not how Graze works.

Delivering your boxes weekly guarantees the freshness of your newly boxed snacks. It also helps you to embrace the nature of snacking/grazing and not feasting on all your boxes at once…ahem…no names mentioned.dd

Graze appeals to anyone and everyone, and whilst some may assume they only deliver tasteless bird food- i mean diet food, i can tell you that they most definitely don’t! Alongside their deliciously creative dried fruit, nut and seed combinations ( such as their Banoffie Pie snack, with fudge pieces, almond slices, pecan nuts and banana coins), they also offer a selection of mini cakes, flapjacks and chocolate treats!



It’s not all sugar of course, they also offer savoury snacks such as their Jalapeno Hot chips (Flax tortilla chips with jalapeno jam).

103313and their My Thaisweet chilli sauce with baked soy bites).

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Another thing i also LOVED was how the box fit perfectly through my post