Hallo guys, hope you are all enjoying your summer and ramadhan and are in best of health. 🙂
It’s been a while since I’ve gotten the creative juices flowing and things have felt a little gloomy on my Instagram so this is something perhaps much needed (considering how gorgeous this dress is!).
I’m always browsing the web looking for hidden jewels that are otherwise difficult to find in stores. I can be a very picky person when it comes to the style of my clothes and this leads to hours and hours of scanning shop after shop and literally shopping till I drop…so, clearly-you can see the appeal of lying on the sofa and web-shopping.

The only downside is, I can’t try it before I buy it- which is why I absolutely love ASOS for their free shipping and returns in case it doesn’t fit as well as I had anticipated.
Other websites such as Boohoo also have free shipping, provided you spend £50 or over, whereas ASOS graces you with free shipping regardless of the number of items you buy; oh, and did I mention the free shipping is INTERNATIONAL? Yesh, that ought to excite my non-British readers.

Anyway, i came across this beauty which was apparently an exclusive dress to ASOS and fell in love at first sight. I would have loved to have tried it in a cream colour, however there was only this cool grey available. Nonetheless, it was still a lovely shade.


Jones and Jones Jade Dress, £42- ASOS

I only wish this dress was a maxi as opposed to a mini- that would have maximised its elegance! But oh well, sometimes you just gotta work with what you got! There are plenty of pleated maxi skirts available on the market that you could pair harmoniously with this dress(or in my case, long top).The lace along the top part of the dress has no lining and the sleeves are somewhat sheer, so you might want to wear a long sleeved top underneath. I wore a white shirt underneath which worked perfectly fine.


As you can see, i accessorised the dress/top with not one, but TWO necklaces. You probably weren’t able to tell because one of the necklaces is made out of fabric and sports a similar crotchet style to the top, and is also practically the same shade. It’s a very nice trick you can use if you want to give the illusion of an extended neckline.

20140713-204824-74904913.jpgLimited edition crotched flower bib Necklace- Grey, £8- ASOS

20140713-200426-72266364.jpgDesignsix Multirow Urban Necklace- Silver, £13- ASOS; New Look Macy Clutch in Black, £10- ASOS

(I bought the heels ages ago)


Annndd, here’s the compiled look.20140713-195444-71684465.jpg

20140713-205852-75532920.jpgYou may not be fond of the idea of pairing a dress with bottoms, and that’s fine. It can be hard to pull off sometimes, i admit. But still, you can admire the artistry and detail gone into tailoring this dress and can use it as a source of inspiration, i know i certainly do.

Here are some more short dresses from ASOS with beautiful detail. Someone needs to make these into maxis PLEASE!