So, in my quest to find myself a go-to fragrance, I’ve found that most of the ones I seem to really like are well over my budget *sigh*. Yes, despite now working a career and earning my own money for once in my life, I still find myself taken aback when turning the tag to look at the price of an item and casually trying to conceal my reaction.
One fragrance that I’ve had such an experience with is j’dore Dior (amazing. After trailing around the shops unable to find anything which comes quite close to this dreamy fragrance, I can see how it’s price is justified. It’s smell is one that my mother is an avid fan of and one that takes me back. It’s funny, if it came to buying it as a gift for my mother. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend the money but i’m reluctant at doing the same for myself.

In an attempt to save myself money, I browsed the internet for popular fragrance dupes and was lucky enough to stumble across a Dior dupe. Zara supposedly sold a dupe called ‘Zara rose’. Already, the name put me off…rose? There was nothing rosey about the fragrance as far as I was concerned. Were they sure they got the fragrance right?  Regardless of this, I was convinced it was worth buying and  you can imagine just how excited I was when I rushed after work to get it. Upon finally buying it (after ages of searching the store for it) I realised it was an Eau da toilette- disappointment number 1. In my exhausted after-work state, I was pleased with the fragrance after catching an initial few whiffs of it, but as time passed, my nostrils began to truly register the smell.
Don’t get me wrong, its not to say that this is a horrible fragrance- but I was very mistaken. This fragrance was  sweeter and not a subtle caress to my senses of smell like Dior. The Zara black which comes coupled with the Zara rose is slightly better in my opinion, with warm vanilla notes and which was preferable to my sister when i asked her to compare the two.

Zara Black and Zara Rose come beautifully packaged in a graphic print box at a price of £9.99



Dior’s J’adore EDP can be grabbed at a retail price of £49.50, and let’s face it- it looks far better on your dressing table.