If any of you are regular watchers of makeup artists whether it be on facebook fan-pages or instagram, i’m sure you’re well aware of the recent Desio Eyes rage within the cosmetic blogosphere. Desio Lens is a recently established Italien cosmetic contact lens manufacturer, producing lenses which are much more strikingly natural-looking than most in today’s market (and at a reasonable price!).

I’d say they are the next best thing to Solotica when it comes to natural-looking lenses. Why do i say next best? Because i still believe it doesn’t quite match up to solotica’s level of softness upon closer inspection, but to be honest with you, you would fool most people with these on any way.

Anyone ever notice how it’s always the european companies that provide the best lenses? Yes? No? Just me? Okay.

One thing i did not like about Solotica though…my eyes felt as though they were DYING after a few hours of their wear. Unlike Solotica, I found Desio much less heavy on the eyes and pleasantly comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Their shipping is also incredibly prompt, i received my lenses within a few days, thinking it would take over a week considering it was air-mail.

Another thing i absolutely love about Desio (apart from their reasonably cheaper price) is that the their company is above all others when it comes to networking and interacting with their clientele. On top of being super friendly and prompt to respond to any inquiries, these guys KNOW how to market their stuff. Heck, they are probably reading this blog post now (if you are, i want you guys to know your PR team is the bommmb).

I actually did buy lenses from them yes, and i bought them in caramel brown, even though the shade Desert Dream was the most popular amongst their clients. I would have bought it, but you see, I’ve always had this sort of emotional attachment to light brown tones considering it was the first shade in contacts i ever wore. It was literally the only ever shade i wore when i started using cosmetic contacts, then tragedy struck and the company discontinued its production :O (Eye2Eye)! I looked long and hard for something remotely similar to its colour (honey brown) for years, but failed to find it anywhere. So as you can imagine, when i see ‘caramel brown’ stocked by an exceptional lens manufacturer, i wasn’t going to ignore it! Do you even care? Writing that wasn’t necessary, sorry. Onto the pictures.


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Just for reference, this is what my natural eye colour looks like-h8

Desio Caramel Brown in indoor natural light, dark setting.
n2Desio Caramel Brown in natural light/Flash

 The lenses from a farther perspective (First picture is indoor/Flash)

Untitled-3These lenses make my eyes noticeably bigger. Obviously, if your eyes are already huge, the size change will not be as prominent. Their pupil holes aren’t too large, however, i feel they could be smaller to tone down on the “dolly” appearance. All in all, very good quality lenses for their price!