LOLS. I know it’s been a decade or so since i’ve done a blog post so i thought to take today’s sugar fest and outing as a photo opportunity for a blog post (and possibly give you an idea about where you might want to go out on your next dessert outing). Cravings Dessert Parlour is situated in Southall- one of the centers of halal and Asian eatery. Knowing me, i opted for chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate from the menu. To be precise- Ferroro rocher and cookies and cream ice cream on a warm toasted waffle with nutella dressing and oreo and forrero pieces *breathe*( If you’re not into decadence, this isnt for you).  The portion size was surprisingly large, much larger than i expected, and very much my moneys worth (£6.75, or 95?). My other two cousins also opted for the same. After a satisfying and incredibly filling meal, we got side-tracked and wandered into Pets At Home before returning back home to my cousins chobby baby boy whom she missed dearly and couldn’t wait to get back to to snuggle. Oh the perks of being a new mum 🙂 . Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy.

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