Guess what? Today i’m going to show you how you can make these delicious restaurant-style waffles in your own home!!CC2Joke joke XD. Maybe a future post.

Are you drooling yet?

It was my second time visiting this delectable cafe, and i felt even more impressed than the first time (not that the first time was any bad). Coffee N Creamz is located in Kingsbury high street, pretty much a short walking distance from the station and they serve an ample variety of desserts and drinks. The waffles are SO huge it’s near impossible for merely one person to stomach alone, so it’s great if you’re going with a group of friends. You can share one, split prices and be left fully satisfied. Considering the waffles range from £4.50-£5 each, that would amount to you only paying £.2.25-2.50 for a filling dessert. Me and my twin along with my sister and her husband bought the ‘Strawberry Creation’- a french hot waffle smothered in strawberry or chocolate syrup with chopped pieces of strawberries. You are also given a choice of having your waffles served with fresh cream or soft scoop ice cream (get the ice cream!).CC1

I personally wanted the Nutella and Cookie waffle but my twin doesn’t warm to chocolatey treats as much as i do (weirdo). This may also arise as an issue when it comes to sharing a waffle. Make sure you pair with a friend who has a similar sweet tooth to you so you both have no problem ordering the same thing!

Or…you could just order your own and feel sickly full halfway through your waffle and then wonder why you did not listen to me?

My cousins ordered the M&M waffle which is drizzled with peanut butter as well as chocolate. So, peanut butter lovers, this one’s for you.CC3This waffle struck me as something i could see an 8 year old making, but i’m pretty sure it tasted fab-u-loso. I was too full to try.

Lastly, this breath-taking masterpiece of a shake!CC4Known as the ‘Choc Royale’ shake, it’s a ferrero roche blend with chocolate sauce and soft vanilla ice cream. It’s heavenly. Again, this was shared, because generally the idea is you have this alone and not alongside a waffle because it’s already so filling. This and their other shakes are priced at £4.25.