After watching a chain of icing videos on youtube  i was inspired to use the bowl of icing in my fridge to practice some icing techniques. I created a mini rose bouquet using a large petal nozzle from Ebay(bought from china). Wilton do these in a large variety of sizes and styles so the type of flowers you can create with decorating tips are endless.p1 It looks complicated but believe me it takes under a minute to pipe one rose once you’ve gotten used to the motion of piping. I’m aware you probably want a picture or video tutorial but unfortunately i was too lazy to do it, plus i cant find the charger for the video camera- SO, i will link you to a youtube video tutorial for rose piping HERE. I piped three separate roses onto the cupcake which gave it that packed bouquet look.p3p2 p5


It’s effortless and the results are amazing, why pay over 300 for a wedding cake when you can make a professional looking one yourself?!