Hope you are all well πŸ˜€

This isn’t exactly a recipe post but i absolutely loved the way the cake i decorated turned out today (always wanted to try one’a these strawberry topped cakes) so i thought it worthy of a post. After snooping through cake pages on instagram one after the other, i just couldn’t help myself and had to give it a go!

This cake is currently sitting in the fridge, hidden from my brother for whom it is actually meant for. It was his birthday last week, and we didn’t actually go out of our way to do anything for him so i thought i ought to make up for it by making him his own mini cake. He told me i needn’t make a cake for him when i asked, but a close friend of his told me he doesn’t tend to ask for what he wants. I guess his reaction to the cake will tell all so we shall see :p

I tend to go all out to try and impress when other people are involved so i suppose my family deserve the same (and even better) treatment.Β The recipe for this cake can be found on a few posts back here. I simply covered it with a layer of chocolate ganache and waited for that to set before coating it with whipped fresh cream and chopped nuts and strawberries :D. For the ruffle border, i used a Wilton 2M nozzle. Β For the ridged sides, i used a plastic zigzag cake scraper, you can find these is cake shops or simply online!C3 C2 C1FfF