The Orchids❀


I guess this is the part where I tell you about myself. Though I’m not too sure anyone is too bothered so I’ll do my best not to seem too tedious.

No I’m not a funky-cool fashion or art student like my other friends, but I was…once upon a time. I studied a foundation diploma in art at the London College of Fashion with hopes of becoming a world-famous muslim designer or stylist (like many other girls in our day). But I guess I just didn’t find it too practical a route for myself,  so here I am. Art however, is and always will be a part of me.

I ensued this blog to channel the creativity I felt was repressed by the fact that I was no longer a student of art. So you could call it a creative blog? I’m an avid freelance photographer, henna artist and make-up artist , write poetry occasionally and I love to bake-so expect to see all sorts sprinkled across this blog(sprinkled, get it? >.< hehe).  I aim to incite inspiration and more importantly-keep you entertained and engaged . Enjoy the blog :).